Thursday, February 27, 2014


assalamualaikum & hi! :)

wah, almost a month zti tak update blog kan? honestly, I miss my blog banyak-banyak. erkkk? what's going on with my words? what language that I use. hehe.

ehem, actually tak banyak pun yang terjadi sepanjang zti tak update blog. same routine everyday. sometimes feel tired with what I'm doing, but still with it. so then, I want to share a video. I love that song since I was 17, I guess. 
guess ramai yang pernah dengar lagu ni cuma tak tau tajuk lagu ni atau sememangnya minat lagu ni dan tau tajuk lagu ni atau never like this song and maybe never imagine to like this song. and, I love this song but, two days ago I just knew this title of my favorite song. the song that I love to hear for 8 years and hope will after. huhu! I take 8 years to get this title of song. so, I would like to thanks to 'How I met your mother - season9'. :)

so, I would like to share my Blackberry's ringtone. comes with lyrics! 

this one is my NOTE II's ringtone. xoxo

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